I get anxious because I often want to know that what I’m doing is important, and I worry that what I am doing isn’t as important as what I could be doing.  Opportunity cost.

Sometimes this creates healthy angst that leads to ambition that leads to results, like joining the Marine Corps or popping the big question. But more often I think this just makes me a pain to be around.  Too much dissatisfaction with the status quo and my place within it can easily becomes cynicism that doesn’t do much to foster change so much as it does create stress on those closest to me.

So, dear Andrew:

The time you spend with your friends and family is significant, and if you never get around to writing that best-seller or landing the dream career, but you do make time to regularly communicate to your family that you love them, and to your friends that you value them, that’s more than okay.  Goals are great, but fans won’t comfort and likes won’t love.  So relax, do your best, and thank God that everything that needed to be done was done.

Carry on.

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