You don’t yet know and you don’t yet see
but if you were my friend you’d take my keys.
If danger loomed ahead you’d safeguard me.
You’d keep me from walking into the street.
So why won’t you let me keep you from the heat?
I promise this isn’t me being better than you,
I’ve just seen a sign and I’m convinced in time
His words will prove to be wholly true.
So please, stop and turn,
Consider Him as the answer to that for which you yearn.
I assure you this isn’t a means of control
It’s just my attempt to show you a man who’ll save your soul.
And look, I know it doesn’t make much sense,
but if you’ll lower your defense
I promise it’ll be better than the lie’s consequence.
He is yours and you are His
so repent and be sent to the world He loves.
His light will guide us in this lifelong fight.
Lord, call us and send us to go and be
That they might see
the only He
able to carry us into eternity.
You are the Almighty; the eternal I Am.
So shake my friend as only you can.
I know you can.

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