The Penis-Driven Life

The penis-driven life is common among men.  And the penis-driven life is demanding.

As an adherent, whether consciously or as is more common, subconsciously, a man must render himself continually worthy of attention, particularly that of women.  If he is to effectively live out the penis-driven life, he will work out often, not in order to benefit his personal health, but that he might be more desirable to the women who would appreciate this attribute.

Additionally, he will seek monetary wealth, or if he is unable or unwilling to achieve this, he will at the very least create an illusion of financial well-being, and maybe even financial prosperity.

A man who lives according to the penis-driven life will likely be outgoing, charismatic, and funny (or at least he will think himself funny).  This is, of course, just another means of serving the greater need to be noticed, as it is quite difficult to be validated by women who do not notice you.

Why Men Live the Penis-Driven Life

A man will live in this way not because it is healthy or offers long-term fulfillment.  He will live this way likely because he does not know a better way to live.  He does not realize or understand why there are greater pursuits in this world than that of women, which in reality is not a pursuit of women but a pursuit of value as offered by women, albeit insufficient and too often fleeting.

The penis-driven life does not serve a noble purpose; it serves the penis, and thereby the ego–a fragile yet very important component of every man.  The idea is that if a man is desired by many women, he must therefore be desirable.  He must therefore be valuable.  His character and his personal sense of identity rises and falls based on his acceptability before women, which is great if this life is all that there is.

It is, however, a horrible waste if this life is not all that there is.  If, perhaps, there is a life after this life–an eternal life into which a higher authority invites us and invites us to invite others–then the importance of being as irresistible of a man as one is able becomes suddenly much less worthy of the requisite time and effort.  The very simple yet very important question that confronts the penis-driven life is this:

So what?

So what if she notices you, or doesn’t notice you?  So what if she likes you, wants you, or thinks you to be an answer to prayer?  So what if she might rock your world for a night if in the eternal it means absolutely nothing, and may even be detrimental?  Sex is not inherently bad.  Quite the opposite.  But if it was created with a higher purpose than to serve men lacking meaning, it would seem important that we–particularly we men–understand this.

The penis-driven life says that sex, attention, and likeability matter above all else, which isn’t bad, unless it’s untrue.  If however there is something more important to be sought in this life and a next life, something more meaningful and satisfying, then the penis-driven life would be a lie; a distraction; a false high.  It would steal from us a greater understanding of our identity, and leave in its place a sad substitute that cannot adequately carry the burden of our need.

Women were not made to be used, and men were not made to be consumers of them.  No amount of attention from any number of increasingly beautiful women will ever be able to validate you in the way that only He can, because He does not love you for your looks or accept you for your career.  He loves and accepts you just as you are; in your worst, with your insecurities, and despite your adulterous tendencies.

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