Why It Does Matter What You’ve Done

There is a popular Christian song circulating the Christian radio station airwaves in which the singer exclaims, “It doesn’t matter what you’ve done!”  And look, I get it.  This isn’t a new message, nor is this the first time I’ve heard this sang or preached from a Christian source.  But it does no less seem incomplete.

Truth:  No matter what you or I have done–no matter how egregious our sins may be–the sacrifice of Christ is sufficient payment.  His death paid the price we owed, in that he suffered the death we ought to have experienced.  He incurred the wrath for which we gave reason, and in that sense, it does not matter what you or I have done.  Christ did everything necessary in order to cleanse us of the penalty of our sin.

That said, the reason Christ suffered, died and was buried was because it does matter what you and I have done.  Christ would not have been a savior if it had not mattered what you or I have done.  Your and my sin matters very, very much, not only in this life but in the eternal.  Sin corrupts, distorts, and ultimately leads to death, and we would be wise not to forget its cost.

My hope for both believers and nonbeliever is that we would understand and remember the whole picture of sin and salvation; one in which you and I were wretched sinners rightly destined for eternal separation from God, now graciously pardoned because of the work of Christ.


Father:  Please help me to know, remember and be affected by the truth.  Please help me to remember the value of your grace, and the wisdom available to me through repentance.  Please help me to have fear rightly, and rejoice greatly.  Amen.

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