If Eternity Exists, Nothing Is More Important

Regardless of your faith background or beliefs about anything, let’s agree on this:

IF such a thing as eternity exists, and if we experience it consciously, nothing is more important, especially if it exists in one of two realms. Like Heaven or Hell.

Please think about this, because I’m talking about forever. Like two trillion years from now, being only at the beginning. Forever. Everlasting. Unending. If this experience exists, nothing matters more.

Not your savings plan. Not your health. Nothing.

If in eternity you and I remain aware of what’s going on, it should give us pause about what we’re doing in this life as it relates to that life. Because forever is a long, long time.

Of course, if eternity doesn’t exist and we all just turn to dust or mystical energy, then nevermind. Live it up! Amass wealth and pursue whatever makes you feel happy until it doesn’t. If life is meaningless, then how we live life may as well be equally inconsequential.

However, that life is eternal is the claim of Bible, which is to say that it is the claim of Christ, which is to say that of God. And if God and eternity are realities, then they exist regardless of what we choose to accept as reality. Our dismissal of the truth does not render the truth untrue so much at it just renders us decidedly ignorant.

Much like a man running toward a wall while shouting that he believes it not to exist, or otherwise offering it none of his attention because he thinks himself a good enough person to go through it should it in fact exist, so proceeds the man who quickly approaches his death holding firmly to lies by which he has been deceived, but that will do nothing to help him on his final day when he arrives before God with only his tainted good works to offer a perfect Father.

What then should we do in light of eternity

Repent and trust.

We turn away not just from this behavior or that, but from ourselves. We turn from thinking ourselves as the best authority over our lives, and we entrust God to guide our choices. We trust that he cares for us better than we know how to care for ourselves, and we put to death the pride in us that would have us look at God and think that we know better.

I write these words to myself and to anyone whom it may help.

Praise God.

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