Life is About Meaningful Suffering

You are going to suffer in life. In large or small ways, you will be challenged to endure hardship, loss and pain. Some of it will be unavoidable. Some of it will be consequential to your choices.

Do not therefore be deceived into thinking life is about pursuing, obtaining and maintaining a sense of dreamy happiness, because while we should continually pursue God in search of the joy that only he can bestow, we should not be discouraged when we find it impossible to live in unending euphoria.

Everything in this life apart from Christ alone will eventually disappoint your tremendous need for God. Your career. Your looks. Your body. Your dependence on your children. Your habitual use of the opposite sex. If God is gracious to you, he will either keep you from making these pursuits your ultimate goal, or he will otherwise let you chase after them in search of the ultimate until you are thoroughly convinced that they will never fully satisfy as only he can.

So then, mindful of the promises of Christ that we will suffer in this life if we follow after him; remembering that blessed are those who suffer for righteousness sake; and taking an example from our Lord to glorify God not through showmanship but suffrage–go therefore and make disciples. Lean in to the muck. Become uncomfortable for righteousness sake. Don’t be a jerk, but be aggressive for the sake of God’s kingdom and the eternity of souls.

You’re going to suffer. To the best of your ability, see to it that your suffering is meaningful. See to it that it glorifies God, because that is what your soul longs for most.

For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.
Philippians 1:21

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