On What Authority Do You Say or Believe That?

People say a lot of things. I say a lot of things. There is no shortage of advice-givers on the internet and in life.

In my writings, and particularly where I offer advice, I hope that I offer it to you (and I) on the basis of what scripture claims to be true. That way, if we reject God, we reject God for who he is, as revealed to us through the Bible. And if we accept God, we accept God as he is, and not for what we mistakingly believe him to be.

For example, many people reject God because they think him to be an imaginary being designed by men to modify human behavior. If this were true, you probably should reject that false deity and the men who sought to use religion as a means of control.

Likewise, if God is some tyrannical ruler who expects perfect obedience or else throws you into the pit of hell forever, maybe you should reject him, because that sounds ridiculous, unachievable, and unevidenced.

The problem with rejecting God for these reasons though is that neither of these gods is the God depicted by the Bible. The God of the Bible is unique in that, unlike every other religious deity, Christ does not call you to him without having first descended from on high, suffered on our behalf, and died in our place.

So it is not on my authority, but on the basis of what scripture claims to be true that I write this to you, hoping to clarify a common misunderstanding of who God is and what he expects, for your and my good.

On what authority then is it that you say what you say? Or on what authority do you believe what you believe? On what authority is it that those whom you allow to speak into your life base their claims about what is right and good?

Do you ask this, or do you accept what sounds right to be right? Do cleverly crafted words and witty humor disarm you in a way that makes you easy to dupe? Is your desire to be open minded keeping you from holding onto what is true?

Christ spoke as one with authority, and claimed to have been given all authority in heaven and on Earth. He demonstrated his authority over life by coming back from the dead. I think that’s reason enough to consider a man’s claims.

But many people these days are given authority to speak into our lives simply because they are popular. They are entertaining. They are funny.

These are silly reasons to model one’s life after another.

I do not mean to say that good advice cannot be found anywhere other than in the Bible. Truth can be spoken from the lips of a child. But if God is who he claims to be, then all truth is his, and nothing is true apart from him. All wisdom will agree with him, and nothing will stand completely opposed.

Please then, scrutinize my words. Be discerning. Do not follow the next and every fad. Do not buy every self-help book or subscribe to every relationship podcast. Too much noise will not enrich your life so much as it will crowd it. That is my opinion. I might be wrong!

God claims to be God. If he is not, then you are on your own to find what is good and reliable. But if he is, then there is no better resource for advice, comfort and direction than the Creator of all things.

Be well.