The Gospel is War

Every man, woman, and child is an eternal soul who will spend their eternity in one of two realms. It is in the interest of the Enemy to seduce the Lord’s creation into unending anguish. It is the Lord’s desire and ability to bring to himself those whom he would. And it is into our Father’s work that those whom he has saved are commissioned to join him, to do that which matters most. That is, saving souls; with his Word, by his grace, and to his glory.

This is not a side gig. This is not a hobby. This is the most urgent need of every human being ever. And while we should not become overly anxious to accomplish that which only the Lord can, we should also be careful not to become more concerned with this things of this life than the life to come.

Christ may look cute in your nativity scene, but consider the perspective of the Enemy when the savior of the world arrived in the form of a baby, fulfilling a long-standing prophesy foretelling his arrival. Consider the frustration of the fallen angel who is unable to tease sin out of our desert-wandering savior. Consider the enemy’s anger and humiliation when Christ rose again, and satisfied the consequence of sin forever.

If you think the gospel is merely a Sunday-morning talking point, or a fun addition to your social media identity, or a pleasant way to make yourself a better person, you do not understand the gospel. You do not understand that the Lord of all things seen and unseen, who has forever existed and will forever exist, who could have lived in perfect harmony with and by himself forever, descended from on high to take on the simple form of a man, that he might save your soul from the punishment you deserve as a prideful sinner against our Father.

This is a war, and you are a part of it. Your soul is on the battlefield.

Those whom the enemy has deceived will guard their deceiver, often with fervor, because their flesh enjoys what he offers. They trust in themselves and what he offers, be it riches or the praise of men or whatever else. The invitation to pick up one’s cross and carry it is not one to which anyone will run eagerly to.

But, by the grace of God, may those who do repent of themselves and trust in the Lord do so with a firm conviction that what they are sacrificing pales in comparison to the glory God would reveal to us in eternity. And may no amount of pain, hardship, or lack of clear response from our commander compromise our faith that he has come, and he will come again.

May we be ready to give a report.

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